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Ryan Partin-President & CEO of X Tech, Fab Ready Solutions Inc. "We are high-tech specialty labor services company. As a young and quickly growing company, we typically have a lot on our plate from day to day. In growing our business, we had relocated our offices at our sixth month point from launch and were already looking to again expand and relocate at our one year point. It was very critical to our operation to find a space within a very specific period of time, location, size, and for a very reasonable price. At first I thought we might be asking for too much in our "wish list". Mitch Hall did a phenomenal job of working to understand our exact needs and then adjusting his understanding of those needs as we viewed various locations he had scouted for us. With each location Mitch identified and showed to us, his understanding of what we were looking for narrowed, growing closer to what we were expecting. Then one day, Mitch called with the words that made me very happy to hear; "I've found your next office, you're going to like it". Just from the way Mitch said it, I knew he had pulled it off. We viewed the space and not only was it perfect, there was a lot of flexibility in the floor plan. Our property manager and building maintenance manager are both great people and very easy to work with. This is something else that Mitch tries to take into account when placing clients. He advised us against a specific location because of his understanding of the relationship between the property management and their tenants. Mitch saved us a lot of time, money, and headache. We had a very specific task we asked Mitch to perform and he did an excellent job in executing that task. I'd highly recommend Mr. Hall to anyone looking for a capable and concerned agent."

David Simmonds, Principal, Retail Solutions
"In this economic climate, we value our relationships with proactive tenant reps, the ones that aren't afraid to get out there and really shake the bushes, and who cross all the T's and dot all the I's of a deal. In my opinion, Mitch Hall is synonymous with aggressive tenant rep leasing. We are extremely impressed with his hustle and look forward to continuing the relationship."

Steve Molnar, President, Clutch Creative, Inc.
“Mitchel provided excellent service to us during our search for and leasing of office space. His knowledge of the industry was invaluable, and his responsive and diligence helped us tremendously throughout the entire process.”

Jacqueline Tarleton, CEO-Nuevo Choice, Inc.
"Our first encounter with Mitch Hall was for seeking commercial real estate space for our start up, Nuevo Choice, Inc.  In 2007/2008 we did not know the financial markets would crash.  We were wise not to over-extend ourselves and tie us to a long term, complex commercial real estate lease.  Mitch listened to our needs then found several spaces that fit our budget. One of his qualities is that he can look beyond the stress of potential tenants and pinpoint unforeseen needs of businesses rather than a one size fits all approach.  He sees the potential of spaces.  He can envision a generic space into an office, barber shop, restaurant, or warehouse and distribution center. His vision assists both tenants and landlords alike.  He looks at the big picture and wants tenants and building owners to be satisfied and works hard for either side.  We feel comfortable referring potential tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers to Mitch Hall."

To meet and exceed your expectations is our only option.

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